Thursday, April 23, 2009


Yes, this post is one day early, but I won't be around this weekend on the account of some travelling. The Soloist, a film I'd like to see but considering the tepid reviews I'm not dying to see, opens this weekend. As does Fighting, a movie I have zero interest in seeing. The Informers gets a limited release; I'll definitely get that one via Netflix. The well reviewed Disney nature documentary Earth opened yesterday, and that's something I'd like to check out at some point. I hear that it's best to see it on the largest possible screen. It's the last weekend before the official start of summer 2009; Wolverine kicks it off next Friday. While I am not foaming at the mouth for it, hopefully, it might be some solid comic-book movie fun. And finally, last night I watched one of the silliest horror/thrillers in recent memory -- the British import Donkey Punch, a film that centers around, well, just what the title implies. Despite an extremely graphic sex scene, a very photogenic lead actress, and some decent kills, the movie was a feeble attempt at suspense and moral quandry. The film doesn't really warrant it's own post.

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