Friday, September 21, 2007


This sounds INCREDIBLE. Per Variety:

FX is developing "Paranoid," an edgy thriller with themes of privacy and spying, from "Fight Club" scribe Jim Uhls. Series is described as a modern-day "Parallax View," centering on a surveillance agent who himself may be spied upon, all set against Patriot Act-America.
Sources say a pilot deal is likely but has not officially been ordered. "Paranoid" has had a long history, with a number of cable execs privately praising the script for months but also saying it was too dark to put on the air; in one scene, for instance, a man rips open his skin searching for an embedded surveillance device.

Wow. If you've seen Alan Pakula's seminal thriller THE PARALLAX VIEW then you'll know why I'm so excited by the possibility of ANY potential television show that is described as a riff on THE PARALLAX VIEW. If you haven't seen that flick, which stars Warren Beatty as a journalist caught in the middle of a political conspiracy, rent it immediately. It's phenomenal.

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