Thursday, September 27, 2007


Check this out:

Peter Berg's THE KINGDOM, which opens tomorrow, has an amazing opening credits sequence, one of the best in recent memory. The above link will give you a sneak peek.

My full review of the movie will get posted over the weekend probably, as I'd like to see the film again before doing a write-up. I caught a test screening of the film last March and I loved it; it's one of the best action thrillers in a long, long time. A hybrid of movies like the BOURNE flicks and SYRIANA with a touch of the flair from MUNICH, THE KINGDOM is a hard-hitting, political action-thriller that showcases an incredibly gripping 30 minute action sequence towards the end of the movie. The story of an elite FBI team sent to Saudi Arabia to investigate the bombing and murder of US oil workers and their families (as well as a few FBI agents), THE KINGDOM is an eye-opening procedural with a nice dose of sardonic wit and realistic cynicism. Berg, who last directed the fantastic FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, employs a verite-inspired shooting style that directly recalls producer Michael Mann's techniques in MIAMI VICE and the previously mentioned BOURNE movies. It's a topical thriller, entertaining and smart, and always thrilling.

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