Thursday, September 20, 2007



RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION. The third film in the series, this time, hackmeister Russel Mulchay is the director. Good old Russell did make the first HIGHLANDER and the underappreciated (and a little ahead of its time) comic book film THE SHADOW, but mostly, he's directed crap. And this looks like more of the same. The first two sucked...I have to assume this one will too.

GOOD LUCK CHUCK. Other wise known as the movie where Dane Cook appears semi-naked and Jessica Alba stays fully clothed. I think I'll pass. Looks like shite.

SYDNEY WHITE with Amanda Bynes in a riff on SNOW WHITE. Um.....maybe if I was a 12 year old girl. Next......


David Cronenberg's masterpiece EASTERN PROMISES rolls out across the country and I implore you to seek this crime thriller out. After seeing this film last weekend, I've been left thinking about it all week. It's one of the best movies of the year.


THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES BY THE COWARD ROBERT FORD. Also known as the best film of 2007. It will open this weekend in NY, LA, Toronto and Austin and will expand over the coming weeks. I have doubts about how well this movie will do with the paying public; needless to say, it's arguably one of the best films of the decade and I urge you to see this film on the largest possible screen whenever it comes to your area.

Sean Penn's INTO THE WILD, based on the best selling book by Jon Krakauer, also opens in NY and LA (maybe a few more major-market areas) and it's getting terrifc reviews. I plan on seeing it this weekend.

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