Wednesday, September 19, 2007


As the premiere of season 2 of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS approaches, I will have more in depth comments. But for now, please check out this's perfect:

Simply put, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is one of the top 5 programs on television and easily the best television show about sports that I've ever seen. Peter Berg, who wrote/directed the film version as well as the pilot for television, has developed the stories so beautifully with his incredible writing team and the truly outstanding ensemble of actors, that I have actually cried more than once while watching.

The show returns in October and the first season is now available on dvd. Considering the dismal ratings from last season, it's probably not a long shot that most people haven't seen this excellent program. Do youself a favor and check it'll be instantly hooked.


Actionman said...

And I should point out that my buddy in Boston, Matt Urban, sent me this link from espn/page 2.

Jed said...

I thought the premiere was next Friday, but Tivo wasn't showing anything. Do you know when the premiere is, Actionman?

I have to say that FLL is one of the best tv shows out there. It's probably one of the best shows I've ever seen. The directing, acting, writing, production value are all top notch. It's a shame that so many people have missed out on it so far. Hopefully with strong word-of-mouth the show's ratings will pick up this seaon.

Actionman said...

The show premieres FRIDAY OCT 5th at 9pm on NBC, sheddah