Saturday, September 15, 2007


Very surprised to hear that THE BRAVE ONE only did about $5 million last night, for what looks to be a $14-15 million weekend....considering Jodie Foster, I would have thought this flick would have done at least $20 million opening weekend. Reviews have been mixed, but the movie had strong trailers and Foster has proven time after time that she's the only major female movie star who can open a movie.

YUMA did about $3 million on Friday, for what will be a nice second place finish of around $10 million. I knew it would never become a blockbuster, but a solid $50-60 million gross for a dark, violent Western is pretty solid these days.

EASTERN PROMISES and ACROSS THE UNIVERSE did incredible buiness playing on a very small amount of screens in NY and LA. They both go wider over the coming weeks. IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH did so-so only opening on 9 screens nationwide. It will be quite interesting to see how all of the Iraq/Afghanistan movies do at the box office. As much as I want to see all of them, I just dont think that the majority of the movie going public wants to see these types of movies nor do they want to be reminded of all the problems our world is facing. I think the true test will be how THE KINGDOM does, as that's more of a traditional action film with an exotic location. The film sneak previews tonight nationwide.


a c said...

geez, don't you ever sleep?

Actionman said...

ha! sleeping is for amateurs.