Thursday, September 27, 2007


Robert Redford is in negotiations to direct Sony's political thriller AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, based on Richard Clarke's best selling memoir which chronicles how the Bush administration handled the al-Qaida threat before and after the 9/11 attacks. Clarke was the former US terrorism czar. His book is considered the ultimate insider's look into the nations security forces and procedures. Everyone from Bush to Rumsfeld is depicted in his book, which clearly was aimed to highlight the many faults and issues our country has with our chain of command and anti-terror tactics. The script for AGAINST ALL ENEMIES has been written by James Vanderbilt, who wrote this year's brilliant crime saga ZODIAC, for director David Fincher. AGAINST ALL ENEMIES was originally going to be handled by Paul Haggis, but he intead opted to write and direct IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH.

I am very much looking forward to Redford's upcoming LIONS FOR LAMBS, which gets released this November. I love that he's back in political thriller mode.

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