Friday, September 14, 2007


I love reading Roger Ebert's reviews. There is no other critic out there that so obviously LOVES going to the movies. I read a lot of reviews. And over the years, while I don't agree with Ebert all the time, I have found that I just love reading his reviews. There is such passion and love for all genres, and his unique, personal writing style is one that I really respond too.

Here are links to his latest reviews. He's also been playing catch-up and writing reviews for films that he missed upon their inital release when he was sick in the hospital (he's making a full recovery from cancer and related surgeries).

THE BRAVE ONE, which he gave 3.5 stars

EASTERN PROMISES, which he gave 4 stars

ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, which he gave 4 stars

IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH, which he gave 4 stars

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