Thursday, September 20, 2007


Last night saw the debut of two new reality shows: KID NATION and KITCHEN NIGHTMARES.

CBS's KID NATION, which was only OK, is basically survivor in a dessert ghost-town...with kids. 40 kids ages 8-15 all set up shop in the ghost town, and are charged with bringing the town to life. They have to set up a town council, elect officials, run a general store, cook for themsleves, etc. While it was interesting to see just how much little kids could do, the show was only moderately entertaining.

FOX's KITCHEN NIGHTMARES stars Gordon Ramsay from HELL'S KITCHEN. Ramsay bullies his way into flailing restaurants and gives everyone involved a swift kick in the ass. Hysterically funny and actually riveting a on a occasion, the live-wire and foul-mouthed Ramsay could eat Simon Cowell for breakfast. An extremely entertaining hour of reality tv.

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