Friday, May 15, 2009


I am not excited enough about Angels and Demons to see it in the theater. I'll check it out on DVD. The DaVinici Code literally put me to the theater...even during the car chase. I'll get around to this new one at some point, but I'm in no rush.

I'd still like to catch Wolverine on a matinee at some point. Expectations are low, but that might be an advantage.

From Netflix, I've got Wendy and Lucy, the critically acclaimed 2008 indie with Michelle Williams that won tons of festival awards and appeared on numerous top 10 lists.

It'll be interesting to see how big Angels and Demons opens at the box office. I think there's a chance that Star Trek could beat it for the #1 spot. Trek's weekday grosses have been phenomenal (it's set to cross $100 million in domestic ticket sales today). If I had the time (and sadly I probably won't) I'd go see Star Trek again. It was a blast. My full review will be posted soon.

Also, as well as continuing my series of posts on movies that I think are underrated, I'm going to be posting genre lists, or rather, my 10 favorite movies in any given genre. Should be fun.


Joel said...

Currently in the process of writing a review for Star Trek. I saw it last night and was completely floored. Stunning achievement.

I'll see Angels & Demons in theaters at some point. I don't know when though.

Lemmy Caution said...

Yes....The Davinci Code was insanely boring. I fought the clutches of sleep throughout the movie as well. It was DULL.

I'll be skipping A&D as well.

Looks like a DVD weekend.

Started watching this current season of 24 last night. I'm about 5 hours in and it surely is more entertaining than watching Tom Hanks battle men in dresses.

Actionman said...

Lemmy -- I am really excited to see the two hour finale of 24 next Monday.

Joel -- glad you loved Trek. Will keep an eye out for your review.

Joel said...

I loved The Da Vinci Code personally. Not perfect at all and kinda slow, but more slow-burn for me.

Nick, expect an Essay Review in the style of "The Dark Knight" and "Minority Report." This movie is a benchmark for space operas much like "Star Wars" was when it came out. It wasn't just fun; it was a masterpiece, in my opinion. Sets the standard for the rest of the year to beat (it's even better than "Watchmen" I think). I really didn't think it'd be that brilliant.