Wednesday, May 20, 2009


1. Michael Mann's Heat
2. William Friedkin's The French Connection
3. Joe Carnahan's Narc
4. Martin Scorsese's The Departed
5. Michael Mann's Miami Vice
6. Antoine Fuqua's Training Day
7. Martin Brest's Beverly Hills Cop
8. James Mangold's Copland
9. William Friedkin's To Live and Die in L.A.
10. Erik Skjoldbjaerg's Insomnia (1997)


Joel said...

Okay, now I have seen more than one of these, LOL.

Heat is indisputable. What a film. What a fucking masterpiece of cinema. I was just blown away. Oh, and I've watched the searing masterwork The Insider since then, and Mann may just be my favorite director this side of Spielberg, but only because I've seen more of Spielberg's movies. Plus, they're completely different directors.

Training Day is just amazing. Denzel was goddamned perfect in that movie, and Hawke's perf. is a forgotten gem of an acting job, I think. Really, truly a great movie.

Beverly Hills Cop. Heck yes. One of Murphy's best. And I loved the second as well.

Joel said...

Oh, and you think I talked highly about GoodFellas here? It's my second fave movie of all time. My first: 12 Angry Men. :)

Napier's News said...

Great list, I have been feeling the bug for writing top ten lists lately!

Lemmy Caution said...

Hard to argue with HEAT. That's a damn fine choice for numero uno.

Others on your list I'm extremely fond of are The Departed, Copland, and To Live and Die in LA. Love those.

Here are some of my favs I would find some love for....

Serpico....Pacino gives one of his VERY best performances (and as you know, that's saying something). Plus it has that gritty 70's cop vibe to it.

The French Connection.....more gritty 70's cop goodness. Fucking Gene Hackman shaking down scumbags in the alley while screaming at them about toenails.....good stuff.

Dirty Harry.....yes it spawned a million imitators and several godawful sequals....but the original is just that damn good.

Actionman said...

Lemmy -- French Connection is #2 on my list. Serpico and Dirty Harry almost made it. Almost. So many entries in this genre that I love. Are you picking your feet in Poughkeepsie?

Napier -- these lists have been very fun (but often very hard) to create.

Joel -- I am also a big fan of 12 Angry Men, both the original and Friedkin's TV-movie remake.

Lemmy Caution said...

Oops. Missed that.

I must have done too much of something last night. Eyes are playing tricks on me!