Friday, May 22, 2009


1. Phil Alden Robinson's Field of Dreams
2. Peter Berg's Friday Night Lights
3. Ron Shelton's Tin Cup
4. John Lee Hancock's The Rookie
5. David Anspaugh's Rudy
6. John Sayles' Eight Men Out
7. Ron Shelton's White Men Can't Jump
8. David S. Ward's Major League
9. Ron Shelton's Bull Durham
10. Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday


Joel said...

I'm surprised not to see Friday Night Lights in here. You talk about it so highly.

I've only seen The Rookie, which I quite liked, though apparently not nearly as much as you did. Don't get me wrong; it was really well done (***1/2), but I personally wouldn't put it in the echelon of sports movies. Also, the devastatingly powerful Rudy, which I would put at #3.

I would include, to round out the other nine:

#1. Remember the Titans
#2. Hoosiers
#3. Rudy
#4. A League of Their Own
#5. Rocky
#6. Coach Carter
#7. The Express (grows better in my mind)
#8. Little Giants (best Rick Moranis movie ever)
#9. The Rookie (Hey, I said "echelon," but not "top ten," lol. One of Dennis Quaid's finest.)
#10. Glory Road (certainly the most underappreciated)

Actionman said...

Ah, FUCK ME. How could I forget FNL...I will have to figure that one out. This is my first slip up on these lists...thanks for brining it to my attention.

The Rookie operates, much like Rudy, in a form based on a huge level of personal triumph. The guy who Quaid was playing -- he was in his 40's. His 40's. And he stumbled upon a 95 mph fast ball. There's something about his story that I loved.

As for your list -- solid. I worked on Titans and I liked the film. Hoosiers is a great movie, but just not a personal favorite, as basketball is my least fav sport. A League of Their Own just missed my top 10. Never saw Coach Carter or The Express. Rocky is of course awesome. Glory Road was another one I worked on while I was at JBF, but I thought that flick was only a'ight.

Biff said...

Raging Bull?!?!

I know it's pretty depressing, but come on, it is Scorsese at the top of his game.

Actionman said...

Raging Bull sits atop one of my other upcoming lists...