Friday, May 8, 2009


Star Trek is the big one for this weekend. Really looking forward. It's gotten fantastic reviews (95% fresh at Rottentomatoes, with a 90% cream of the crop) and the trailers are slick as all get out. Saturday afternoon. Should be a blast.

From Netflix, I've got What Doesn't Kill You, a crime movie that got dumped into theaters last December when its distributor, Yari Film Group (Crash, Nothing but the Truth), filed for bankruptcy. It stars Mark Ruffalo and Ethan Hawke, and marks the writing/directing debut of character actor Brian Goodman (Lost, 24). It got excellent reviews, with a notable rave from Manohla Dargis in the NYT

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Joel said...

Was planning on seeing Star Trek last night, but couldn't. Seeing it either tomorrow or Sunday. So freakin' stoked, you can't imagine. J.J. Abrams makes massively fun but surprisingly thoughtful fare. Should be amazing, I think.