Monday, May 18, 2009



Joel said...

Like the poster. Don't really agree with the poster in the long run (to a point, maybe, but not that much).

I don't want to make some political statement, though. As a Christian, I could argue with nonChristians, because those arguments boil the blood. Political arguments are just irritating for me. gonna explain, lol. Unless someone asks without getting angry that I don't "support what's right" (aka agree with them). Then I might.

Actionman said...

For me, this is simply a movie. The idea that this film apparently addresses -- that of refugees/immigrants -- is universal in its topicality. I'm very interested in this movie.

Have you seen the short movie Alive at Jourbourg? I highly recommend that you check it out. Google it. It's very cool and very inventive, and from what I gather, serves as the basis for District 9.