Friday, May 22, 2009


I absolutely cannot wait to see this movie.


Joel said...

That. Looks. Awesome.

Probably gonna have to wait for DVD, but that'll be an incredibly fun movie to watch, I think.

Love that it's a part of the Six Shooter film series, which is what made Let the Right One In such a critical darling (and an astonishing motion picture).

The other films in the series that I want to see: Special, Eden Log, and Timecrimes. Not so much on Donkey Punch. Looks mildly intriguing but mostly stupid.

Actionman said...

We saw Timecrimes and it was a lot of fun. Donkey Punch is as stupid as you'd think it'd be but it has some good sex and violence. Never saw the others.

Let the Right One is a masterpiece.

Scott Mendelson said...

It's pretty darn funny. And it's smarter than you'd expect from the potentially one-joke premise.