Tuesday, September 11, 2007


HBO's riveting new show Tell Me You Love Me left me (and my girlfriend) pretty much speechless. Filmed in a discreet, hand-held style with intense acting from everyone in the stellar cast, this dark, honest, and unflinching look at the sex lives of 3 different couples who all frequent the same therapist, was as entertaining as it was uncomfortable at times. Never before have I ever seen simulated sex scenes handled in this graphic of fashion on television (or on the big screen for that matter). But, most importantly, the sex isn't needless or exploitive, like say, perhaps in a Skin-a-Max Friday night movie. Sex is integral to the show, and writer/creator Cynthia Mort (hot right now with this show and the upcoming Jodie Foster movie The Brave One), has tailored a show that NEEDS to be explicit. Everyone strips down on the show, men and women, and the sex scenes register as believeable, intense, at times sexy (through one episode at least), and most imporant--real. It remains to be seen how the different characters will evolve (or devolve), but it's a great start, and another home-run for HBO.

Also, I should mention that Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm is back and funny as hell. This guy never misses in my estimation, and this past weeks sixth season premiere, was a riot. Glad to have the neurotic a-hole back on Sunday nights!

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