Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Tony Scott, with directing credits such as TOP GUN, DAYS OF THUNDER, CRIMSON TIDE, MAN ON FIRE, TRUE ROMANCE, DOMINO, and ENEMY OF THE STATE, is quite possibly the manliest director of all time. There have been many other filmmakers who have specialized in masculine entertainments, but Scott tops the list in my estimation. And he's about to go into production on a remake of the 1970's actioner THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1, 2, 3, which will star Denzel Washington, who has starred for Scott in CRIMSON TIDE, MAN ON FIRE, and last years underrated sci-fi action flick DEJA VU.

It now looks like Scott is going to direct a feature about Don Aronow, the guy who invented the cigarette boat. Michael A.M. Lerner is writing the script and Fox 2000 will be releasing the film.

Per Variety:

"Aronow was a self-made millionaire businessman and powerboat racing's world champ for 10 straight years. His cigarette boat became a favorite of Colombian drug smugglers looking to import their product into Miami in the 1980s. Aronow got a $20 million contract to build boats for U.S. Customs agents to catch the smugglers. He was eventually gunned down in 1987 in a mob-style hit in Miami. Lerner teamed with partners Jeff Shapiro and Alan Hecht to option rights of Aronow's surviving son, Michael. Shapiro and Hecht will be exec producers.
Scott will first direct Denzel Washington in a remake of "The Taking of Pelham One Two Three" for Columbia Pictures. Lerner is a former Newsweek correspondent who wrote and directed the indie feature "Deadlines," based on his experiences covering war in Lebanon. "

Sounds f'ing amazing. I am already in the theater.


Lon said...

Deja Vu wasn't underrated. It was below average Tony Scott, but still an OK picture. I did just grab it at Frys for 12 bucks in HD, so at least the explosion will look cool.

Actionman said...

Nope, it was the very definition of underrated. Excellent action scenes, a smart/crazy story, a commanding lead performance from Denzel, and an amazing visual look.

Actionman said...

Releasing it a week after CASINO ROYALE was a stupid decision by Disney...I am shocked that Bruckheimer didn't speak up.

Lon said...

I recall leaving the theater unimpressed.

Actionman said...

that may be. but you should re-watch it. it's excellent.