Friday, October 19, 2007


Here are links to this week's reviews from Roger Ebert:

RENDITION, which he gave 4 stars:

GONE BABY GONE, which he gave 3,5 stars (I will be catching this next weekend):

SLEUTH, which he gave 3 stars (I will probably wait for dvd on this one):

LARS AND THE REAL GIRL, which he gave 3.5 stars (I'm hesitant to see it as I didn't like the script at all):

THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE, which he gave 3 stars (I read the script about 3 years ago on my friend's couch and found it to be UTTERLY BRILLIANT):

30 DAYS OF NIGHT, which he gave 2.5 stars (I'm looking forward, if only to see what the amazing director of HARD CANDY, David Slade, has done with a graphic-novel inspired, R-rated vampire movie):

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