Sunday, October 28, 2007


My full review will be posted soon, but let me just say that I was won over by DAN IN REAL LIFE, the new romantic comedy from writer/director Peter Hedges (PIECES OF APRIL, ABOUT A BOY). Steve Carell is terrific in this warm, ensemble dramedy that carries an air of melcahonly that balances with some genuine sweetness. Just the sort of film that I needed to see after weeks of tough, dark, serious films, DAN IN REAL LIFE is a cut-above for the genre and totally entertaining all throughout. It also proved to me that I could tolerate the comedian Dane Cook, who's routine moronic shtick is put on hold as he delivers a charming supporting performance. I almost hate myself for actually calling Dane Cook charming but he was. Juliette Binoche, for the record, is a serious hottie. DAN IN REAL LIFE is going to be the sleeper hit of the fall movie season.

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