Monday, October 22, 2007


The American television watching public should be disgusted with themselves for not supporting NBC's FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, the best show currently airing. The show, throught its first three episodes, has maintained its amazing juice and power from last years brilliant first season, and is similarily fighting a massive, uphill battle in trying to find an audience. The marketing ploy of airing FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS on Friday nights has done squat to help the show; the producers have even resorted to summarazing the first half of the show at the 30 minute mark, in an effort to draw in passer-by viewers who have switched over from a different channel. Everything about FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS is perfect; the writing, acting, and directing are absolutely first-rate. It will be a crying shame if/when this show gets the axe; I can't see it lasting any more than 1/2 a season at this rate. So go ahead America...keep watching bull shit like DANCING WITH THE STARS and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. Just typical.

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