Wednesday, October 10, 2007


the trailer for THE GOLDEN COMPASS looks pretty amazing.

I was not a fan of THE LORD OF THE RINGS. The NARNIA movies don't hold any real interest for me. I have been a movie-only kind of guy with the HARRY POTTER series, though I missed the most recent installment; they're fun for what they are but they don't set my world on fire. Stuff like BRIDGE TO TERABITIA, THE LAST MIMZY, THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES, THE SEEKER all completely look the same. In general, the fantasy realm is just not my bag. Which is strange, as I'm a big, big fan of sci-fi.

In any event, for whatever reason, I am truly excited to see THE GOLDEN COMPASS this December. It looks epic and visually amazing. But most importantly--the CGI looks real, or real enough. Part of my problem with modern fantasy movies is that I always find myself noticing the special effect/cgi work, rather than becoming immsersed in a world that looks photo-real. I know that suspension of disbelief is required, in almost any movie for that matter. But when shot after shot looks like it came out of a Playstation, that's when I start losing interest. THE GOLDEN COMPASS will at least be breathtaking to watch on the big screen, judging from the trailer. The director is Chris Weitz, who did the nice little movie ABOUT A BOY with Hugh Grant. This is a much bigger movie...I am interested to see how he does with it.

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