Monday, October 22, 2007


The screenwriting team of Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris (X-MEN 2, SUPERMAN RETURNS) will not be returning to pen the script for the sequel, tentatively titled SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL. I am totally fine with that. The script for SUPERMAN RETURNS sucked; fresh creative blood for the franchise is necessary. I'd also like to suggest removing director Bryan Singer from the director's chair. As much as I have liked Singer's work (THE USUAL SUSPECTS is incredible and X-2 is one of the best comic book movies ever), I was not a fan of SUPERMAN RETURNS; get someone like Michael Bay (he'll be busy with TRANSFORMERS 2...), Tony Scott (DEJA VU, MAN ON FIRE), Ridley Scott (GLADIATOR, BLACK HAWK DOWN), Tarsem (THE CELL). Hell--here's an idea--bring back Dick Donner, who directed the very first SUPERMAN film back in the late 70's. No hacks like Brett Ratner or Len Wiseman or Paul Anderson though. Singer is a great, cerebral director with a nice style, and he had a nice touch with the X-MEN pictures, but he stunk up the joint with SUPERMAN RETURNS. It was a confused, semi-remake, that was a pale imitation of Dick Donner's original superhero masterwork. Gone was the mythos and iconic American feeling that SUPERMAN requires. I also was not a fan of the visual aspects of SUPERMAN RETURNS. Lensed by the normally amazing Newton Thomas Siegel (THREE KINGS, X-MEN 2), the film was shot in a hazy, gauzy fashion that didn't compliment the decent (but no where near spectacular) visual effects. Can you imagine what Steven Spielberg could do with a SUPERMAN movie? Damn...that would be something.


Lon said...

what do you have against len wiseman?

Actionman said...

Live Free or Die Hard