Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Her hotness, Megan Fox, has reportedly signed on to a new Fox Atomic project called JENNIFER'S BODY from screenwriter Diablo Cody, who's new film JUNO (out this December), is getting amazing buzz. JENNIFER'S BODY, which is being described as similar in tone to HEATHERS and BEETLEJUICE, follows a cheerleader (presumably Fox) with a perfect life who becomes the girl from hell when she gets possessed and begins killing boys in a small town. Her best friend must then find a way to stop her.
Sounds like some solid, sexy trash if you ask me. Fox, though an actress of limited acting ability (I've only seen her "work" in TRANSFORMERS), is so hot that she could be the star of a movie about gnomes living under a bridge in Pougkeepsie, NY and I'd still see it. At least on dvd.

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