Tuesday, October 9, 2007


USA network is developing an hour-long show based on the brilliant little satire THANK YOU FOR SMOKING, which starred Aaron Eckhart, and was directed by Jason Reitman.

Adapting movies to television is never easy, but I have a feeling this one will work. Though I have not seen it yet, the creative team behind USA's hit show BURN NOTICE are developing THANK YOU FOR SMOKING for the small screen. The show will pick up where the film immediately left off, with Eckhart's ciggarette lobyist character, the slimy yet good-hearted Nick Naylor, sort of turning over a new leaf, and starting to help people who are actually deserving of aid.

I loved the film. It was a perfect little movie with zero fat on its bones and a serious voice and attitude. Eckhart, radiating the bileous ooze from his previous best performance in Neil Labute's IN THE COMPANY OF MEN, was on fire in THANK YOU FOR SMOKING, tearing up each scene with devilish glee. Scathingly funny, the movie was sharp as a tack and extremely observant. As long as these qualities aren't lost in the feature-to-small screen transition, I'm down for more of Naylor's exploits.

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