Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I just read this quote from Sam Raimi re: SPIDERMAN 4 at

"Right now, a writer is being sought to write the next installment. We're in the very early stages... I won't be working on the story. It'll be a brand-new writer coming in with a brand-new story -- a fresh take on the Spider-Man series. We're hearing different versions right now and really enjoying the different stories. Hopefully, we'll hear one that sounds right for the fourth installment. I'm going to let the writer envision where Peter Parker would go to next" says Raimi. As for a "Venom" film spin-off? "That's probably for someone else" he says.

Am I alone in feeling that this series has flat-lined? The first SPIDERMAN was a lot of fun. SPIDERMAN 2 is a masterpiece of the genre. But SPIDERMAN 3 sucked so badly that I could care less to see another entry in the franchise. Raimi needs to go and make a dark and nasty R-rated thriller again (remember A SIMPLE PLAN and THE GIFT?). SPIDERMAN 3 looked like outtakes from a Playstation 2 video game.

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