Thursday, October 4, 2007


Ehren Kruger. Extemely prolific screenwriter behind such movies as ARLINGTON ROAD, REINDEER GAMES, THE RING, SCREAM 3, THE SKELETON KEY, THE BROTHERS GRIMM and countless un-credited re-writes on big blockbusters and genre pieces. Not necessarily a bad thing or a great thing, Kruger is joining original writers Bob Kurtzman and Roberto Orci to shape the script of the sequel. Michael Bay is directing and Steven Spielberg is executive producing. Shia Lebeouf has announced that he's returning to star. No word on whether or not Megan Fox is coming back for the sequel.

I loved the first TRANSFORMERS. I consider it to be the pinnacle of special effects action moviemaking and the mind just boggles when I think about what might be in store for viewers in the sequel. The action in the first film was staggering, and most importantly, completely realistic looking. You know when watching that there is simply no way that there are two or three or four gigantic robots tearing up a city street. Yet at no time does any moment of TRANSFORMERS seem fake or computerized. Shooting most of the action during the day forced the filmmakers to be at the top of their game since it's easier to hide computer effects in a nighttime setting.

Shooting is looking set to start in early 2008 for a summer 2009 release. Can't come soon enough.

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