Thursday, October 4, 2007


I'm hearing that McG (CHARLIES ANGELS 1 & 2, WE ARE MARSHALL) is in the running to direct TERMINATOR 4. Ugh. Terrible idea. While we're at it...let's just get Brett Ratner. Oh wait. Ratner is set to now direct the remake of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.

Both of these hacks shouldn't be allowed to make action movies anymore. CHARLIES ANGLES 1 & 2 were atrociously put together in every way; the epitome of cut-and-paste filmmaking, movies that give the action genre a bad rap. And Ratner is just boring, the worst offense of all. The guy has no style, no energy....his movies just lay there on screen.

Both of these guys may be nice dudes but they suck in terms of putting together exciting, stylish, coherent action pictures. It's just a shame that Tony Scott and Michael Bay can't direct every action movie Hollywood dreams up.

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