Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Mark Bowden's book KILLING PABLO has been a priority project for NARC and SMOKIN' ACES director Joe Carnahan for the last few years. Now it looks like independent producer Bob Yari (THE ILLUSIONIST, CRASH) is finally ready to get rolling with the movie, with Javier Bardem taking on the role of drug king-pin Pablo Escobar. Christian Bale is also attached to play the Delta Force commander who led the hunt for Escobar.

I've read Bowden's book and it's every bit as intense as his earlier book, BLACK HAWK DOWN, which was brought to the screen rather brilliantly by Ridley Scott. Bardem is going to knock the role of Escobar out of the park. And Bale is perfectly suited for the role of an intense, no-nonsense Delta Force operative.

Carnahan is about to shoot the James Ellroy adaptation WHITE JAZZ with George Clooney, from a script by his brother, Matthew Michael Carnahan. WHITE JAZZ is a cousin to Ellroy's LA CONFIDENTIAL, and shares some of that film's main characters.

Carnahan's two previous pictures, NARC and SMOKIN' ACES, kicked all sorts of ass, while being two very different types of movies.

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