Thursday, October 4, 2007


HBO picked up TELL ME YOU LOVE ME, their brilliant sex-drama, for a second season. I would have thought that with the lackluster ratings from the first season that the fans of this edgy, daring, and unusually honest drama would be in for disappointment. But this is a testament to the people who run HBO. Because of their business model, they're able to keep shows on air that while may not be huge hits at first, are citical hits that attract a loyal following. And a show like TELL ME YOU LOVE ME, even with its raw depiction of sexual situations and dialogue, should be accessible to people. It's a show that could only air on a network like HBO, and the creators/writers have taken full advantage of that fact. It's a deeply probing show revolving around all of the many intricacies that go into relationships. Each week I marvel at how real and natural everything feels in the 4 different naratives that comprise each episode. All episodes are available on-demand (if you're an HBO subscriber) and I highly reccomend that you check them out.

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